2021 HSMF Fundraiser

Update 6/11/21 – Goal Reached

Having reached our goal for three-day camp rental – and then some – we are ending the fundraiser with a big THANK YOU to all our HSMF friends. Details for HSMF 2021 will be announced soon. God bless you!

Homeschool Music Fest needs your help! This year, we are only going to have as much of a festival as our faithful donors can commit in advance to finance with your generous contributions. Donations pledged here can be hand-delivered at HSMF, or mailed in advance.

Progress So Far

Camp Rental

Our first goal is $650, which gets us one day at Camp Galilee.

We have met our one-day goal for camp rental! The date has been set for the weekend of August 27-29, 2021. Next stop: Two days on that weekend for $1300.

Y’all are amazing! We now have enough funds committed to reserve Camp Galilee for two days, August 27th and 28th. If we make it all the way to $1950, there will also be church at the camp on Sunday morning, and another afternoon of fun before everyone heads home. That would be a full three-day Music Fest! How about it?

Folks, we are fully funded for three days at Camp Galilee! For a stretch goal, what if we could plan on at least one HSMF-provided meal? See below for fundraising progress on food.

This fundraiser will run through Friday June 11th, after which we’ll tally our final amounts and nail down specific plans.

$1950 of $1950 raised

HSMF-Provided Meals

For an initial $500, we’ll serve at least one ready-made meal in the dining hall during the weekend.

$185 of $500 raised

Big-Bus Band

Our local friends will be playing on the weekend regardless, but $1500 will make an honorarium for one of the fancier “big-bus” bands.

$0 of $1500 raised

Why This Fundraiser?

  • Homeschool Music Fest has always been helped out by donations, but due to changing circumstances in the lives of the Nissley Family, whatever we do this year will need to be entirely covered up-front by your generous support.
  • Our fundraising goal amounts are based as nearly as possible on the actual costs for renting the camp, buying food, and compensating bands. No one other than paid band performers is being compensated.
  • Any extra money will be kept the HSMF bank account and used for the next Music Fest.
  • If at least our minimum fundraising goal is met, there will be no admission charge for the event. Those who haven’t made a donation here will have the opportunity (but won’t be required) to do so at HSMF.

Where Your Money Goes

When you make your pledge above, you can donate to one of three funds:

  • Camp rental ($650 per day). No fest without this!
  • HSMF-provided food ($500 per meal). All other food will be potluck or on your own.
  • Honorarium for a “big-bus” band ($1500 per band). Local friends will perform regardless.
  • You can also pledge your money wherever needed if you have no preference.

What if We Raise Too Much/Not Enough in A Category?

  • If we don’t make the minimum goal in any category (camp rental, band compensation, or food), whatever we do raise in that category will be reallocated to another category at the organizers’ discretion. It will still be spent on Homeschool Music Fest and nothing else.
  • Once we do make the minimum goal in any category, we will set a new goal! For example, when we have $650 pledged for camp rental for one day, our next goal will be $1300 to make it two days.
  • Any leftover money raised here, or donated at HSMF, will be kept in the HSMF bank account for next year.

Make your pledge now!