About HomeSchool Music Fest

In 2006 we started what’s become an annual get-together of homeschool families and friends where we enjoy lots of great music, good fellowship, and family fun. Back when we started, we used an old unoccupied church camp, but due to it becoming unavailable, we moved to beautiful Camp Galilee located in El Dorado Springs, MO. With the exception of 2015, when the Fest visited Camp Sagmount in Joplin, Missouri, we’ve been here at Galilee every year since.

HomeSchool Music Fest is non-denominational, and people of all persuasions are encouraged to attend. We ask that all attendees maintain our welcoming atmosphere and treat one another with respect at all times.

We are not charging admission fees but generous donations to bless our bands, would be very much appreciated instead! Lodging reservations will need to be paid upon arrival.

Renting the camp facility costs a significant amount of money – in the thousands of dollars. While the efforts of our volunteers make a tremendous difference in making the Fest work, one thing they can’t do with any amount of effort is offset this cost. Thank you so much to our generous donors who have donated to make this event possible again this year~ May God reward you richly!