Band Scramble


One of the highlights of the HSMF—the Great Band Scramble!

2023 Band Scramble Update:

  We’re excited and grateful that JoAnna (Neal) Henry has consented to being our coordinator this year! We hope y’all make her job easier and the band scramble “funner”, by signing up promptly, (like not making her beg for participants:) and being where you need to be for practice.

Thank you all so much!

Do you play an instrument? Consider joining our Band Scramble event! There is no cost, and the Band Scramble is a ton of fun. Here’s how it works:

  • Musicians sign up on this page according to their preferred instrument >>>>>  (or at the event; in which case, please make sure your name is in before you leave the tabernacle Friday night:o) 
  • Our coordinator organizes the musicians into brand-new “bands” and the lists will be posted in the dining hall several hours ahead of the Scramble. If you are signed up for the Band Scramble, please be sure to be in the dining hall at 11:45 Saturday morning!
  • The bands will be announced on Saturday morning at 11:45am in the dining hall, where you’ll find out where your band will gather for practice. Band practice for all bands will be at 1:00pm, on Saturday. Together you will pick a name for your new band and will practice two songs for the scramble performance Saturday night. One song and one instrumental, they do not need to be any particular genre, but just good selections with Christian values. If any participants need more than one practice, they may reconvene at a later time in the day for extra practice as they wish. But there will be only one mandatory band scramble practice, to free the band members up for volley ball and other activities:o) 
  • The bands perform for our appreciative audience on Saturday at the end of the evening show!

See this year’s schedule for the exact posting and event times. 

Band Scramble~2014

Band Scramble~2016