Talent Show

The HSMF Talent Show is just for the fun of sharing our talents with one another. Homeschoolers of all ages and all skill levels are encouraged to participate! There is no entry fee, there is no judging, and there are no prizes. There is, however, an awesome audience we’ve always found to be welcoming, friendly, and supportive. This is your time to shine!

Rules for talent show participation:

  • One, or at the most, two selections per group or individual unless prior arrangements have been made. Members of a group may enter separately from, and in addition to, the group if desired.
  • The order of performance will be posted in the dining hall prior to the talent show, if possible. Please be on hand when it’s your turn; your name or group name will be called before the entry just before you play, so you can be up near the stage waiting to enter as they exit, to keep things moving in a timelier manner.
  • Pre-registration online is preferred; find the entry form below. If registering at the Fest, please do so at least an hour prior to the talent show, if possible.
Skit-talent show-2014

Talent Show~ 2014

Entry Form